West Village Park + Energy Centre

Surrey, BC Canada

Building Overview

The West Village Park & District Energy Centre serves as the backbone of upcoming developments with an inviting parkscape, in addition to an efficient hot water heating energy plant.

Sitting atop the boiler exhaust stacks on the roof are three fibreglass sculptures entitled Blankets, by artist Erica Stocking. Just as water generated from the Energy Centre gives heat to homes and businesses via underground pipes, so these blankets are a reminder of the warmth the West Village neighbourhood shares through district energy.

My photos specifically feature the coated steel cladding by LKMē. The panels themselves are deceptively complex. Though they appear to be simple with a half inch reveal, the panels stretch at the bottom and the top to meet the prismatic design of the structure at the corners of the building. The paint finish was also unique – this is a finish that appears to be raw galvanized steel, it is actually a PVDF finish with an anti-graffiti coating. 

Client: LKMē
Architect: Francl Architects
Service: Exterior Photography
Captured: 2020



Jared Korb / Architectural Photography

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